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inspired Training

Train the leaders of tomorrow for whatever challenges the future holds.

All agencies need to train the next wave of leadership. Echo360 is proud to provide engaging training platforms backed by actionable analytics and collaboration tools. The Marine Corps partners with Echo360 to drive engagement in Ethics and Leadership training. With Echosystem solutions, Marines get trained and engaged at the same time. 

What They Say

said that career senior leaders are selected by merit.
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of learners agreed that active response systems such as EchoEngage fostered critical thinking skills.
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increase in overall learning and a 20% spike in job performance.
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Equitable leadership training means access for all.

EchoVideo’s ASR technology automatically captures video content and catalogs dialogue. Learners have access to transcripts and closed captioning, so everyone gets the same information. Echo360 solutions meet or exceed all WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Learners with special requirements enjoy full access to upskilling and leadership opportunities.

Creating and sharing content is easy and secure.

Strong leaders need everything from effective communication skills to critical thinking abilities. EchoAuthor solutions like Knowbly pack powerful course authoring tools for every aspect of leadership. Drag-and-drop multimedia elements in EchoPoll make presentations pop, and incorporate real-time quizzes to drive engagement and measure performance. Extract learning moments from Echo360 lectures to answer common questions. Your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Reach future leaders wherever they are.

Leadership is a skill demanding practice, not just abstract theories. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, you’ll schedule live meetings where in-person and remote learners can collaborate. Virtual breakout rooms provide brainstorming opportunities. Disparate teams can practice de-techniques and share ideas. Forums allow asynchronous learners to share what works in the field with peers. All learners provide honest feedback to their instructors and each other to drive superior outcomes.

Know where every individual stands

EchoExam assessment tools track comprehension and completion. Individual assessment scores are visible in your admin dashboard.  With EchoExam, fair testing provides equal opportunity for career advancement. Generate multiple versions of the same exam with the push of a button. The Echosystem removes the guesswork from performance evaluations.

How we can help you:

Prepare leaders to excel with tomorrow's tools today.

Echo360 is the robust training tool you need to develop professional leadership education and training. Prepare leaders to meet current and future security challenges head-on! Contact us to discover more about the platform’s capabilities.