Video Management

Easily create, manage, and integrate video into your inspired learning environment.

Echo360 delivers the full range of video management capabilities — from creation to capture to content management and beyond — as the most holistic video platform for all levels and learners. 

Personal Library

EchoVideo solutions like our flagship Echo360 are made for instructors. While you can publish content automatically, you control the ability to tag, edit, or share anything right from your personal library. It’s a simple, unified view of all content owned or shared with each user.


Instructors and learners can easily find they’re looking for, whether a phrase spoken in a video or a word in personal notes. Echo360 can search across a user’s content, including presentations, notes, and even discussions, leveraging a diversity of content that other video platforms don’t have.


Echo360’s browser-based editor makes it easy to edit videos from anywhere, with no complicated tools required. Available directly from the user’s library, the editor allows the user to simply make and save changes, and the published version is automatically updated.

LMS Integration

Echo360 integrates with all the major LMS platforms via the LTI standard (Learning Tools Interoperability). Echo360’s entire set of capabilities is available from within the LMS. Automatically create courses, sections, and enrollments via LMS integration.


Echo360 provides modern, stateful, application programming interfaces (API) for data transfer and integration with other campus systems, as well as for controlling captures and capture hardware. Each API also has a software development kit (SDK) of libraries and sample data that can be downloaded to use in integrations development.

Upload & Ingest

Simply drag-and-drop to upload any video into Echo360, where it can be used in our native classroom or shared and embedded into external systems. Integration with major cloud platforms also makes it easy to ingest videos from services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

ASR & Closed Captioning

Echo360 automatically transcribes videos with Automatic Speech Recognition to make them more accessible and engaging. Easily edit transcripts into fully compliant closed captions or integrate directly with closed caption providers to ensure the video accessibility.

Elevate your student engagement.

Student engagement is an imperative for positive academic outcomes. Echo360’s commitment to equity, engagement, and evidence is just what you need to give everyone, everywhere the best learning experience possible.