JROTC Training

More than 4,000 instructors and 300,000 cadets across all branches of the JROTC use Echo360 for dynamic training in academics and drills.

JROTC classes across the country leverage Echo360 solutions to instill leadership skills, enhance the learning environment, and provide cadets with the opportunities they need to realize their full potential. 

JROTC Distance Learning for Synchronous Classes.

Motivating 9th-12th grade students isn’t easy, even under normal circumstances. Distance learning presents new challenges, but also new opportunities. Through EchoVideo tools and EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, cadets attend live classes with responsive features like anywhere polling, inline quizzes, and digital breakout rooms. Novel presentation, interactive video, and more drive interest. Cadets stay more engaged than they do in traditional classrooms.

JROTC Distance Learning for Asynchronous Classes.

Self-paced courses on EchoEngage’s EchoPoll allow cadets to learn on their own schedules. They work quickly through topics they understand and spend more time on complex topics. The flexibility inherent in asynchronous learning means each student learns on their timeline. Multimedia presentations from the EchoVideo suite of tools and frequent mini-assessments keep student attention at a maximum.

Seamless LMS Integration.

JROTC classrooms depend on LMS integration.  Echo360 tools integrate seamlessly with top LMS solutions like Schoology, Canvas, and Google Classroom. Future prospects of the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy receive training in ways you know and trust.

What They Say

of the class consider the instructor’s and peers’ explanations during discussions to be important or very important to their learning or performance in class.
0 %
of participants felt that the response technology kept their attention during the class.
0 %

23% – 40%

The percentage increase of students earning A’s increased using response technology in the classroom.

Build confidence and relationships.

Learning online is as positive socially for JROTC cadets as learning in person. EchoEngage’s EchoPoll hosts chat rooms and discussion boards that encourage interaction between students. Cadets engage to share ideas and discuss concepts. During live classes, instructors separate students into smaller groups through breakout rooms. Instructors spend time in each breakout to encourage thoughtful discussion. Cadets return to the full classroom with new ideas to share.

Gamification motivates the troops.

Gamification in EchoEngage tools like PointSolutions and EchoPoll allow students to compete with each other and themselves. Leaderboards reflect the real-time best efforts of each JROTC cadet and highlight top performers. Completion and performance badges point to students who reach goals.

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JROTC cadets across the country benefit from the Echosystem. Cadets get a better education and learn how to effectively serve their country thanks to exceptional learning tools. To demo Echo360, contact us today.