Online Civic Engagement

Organizing a virtual town hall is a big job, and Echo360 can help you do it. One Senate office’s constituent emails rose from 1,000 in 2016 to 46,000 in 2017, illustrating the desire for citizens to be heard. See how our Echosystem powers town halls for audiences of any size, from small-town caucuses to the FBI’s nationwide Community Engagement program. 

Online town halls spark real change

Gathering different viewpoints during virtual town halls is easier with EchoVideo solutions. Our flagship Echo360 platform increases engagement by smoothing the process of submitting and responding to questions, opening up a real conversation between guests and attendees. 

What They Say

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From many, one.

Whether virtual or in-person, town hall meetings can become spirited. But with the right software, you’ll bring together people with differing opinions. Leveraging EchoAuthor’s wide variety of user-friendly creation features cuts the time it takes  to assemble materials for the meeting, making it easier for you to present rich, relevant, interactive content to your audience.

Town halls without the hall.

Younger people don’t always attend as many town hall meetings as their older counterparts. If your constituents can’t make it to the meeting, how are you going to hear their viewpoints? EchoEngage tools like PointSolutions and EchoPoll make it easy for everyone, including seniors, working parents, and others to take part in the conversation. With mobile response, clicker, and desktop capabilities, you’ll get feedback from your audience to put to use right away.

Catch (and keep) your audience’s attention.

Nearly 75% of participants prefer interactive presentations. It’s critical for you to put together engaging town halls if you want people to stick around. EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll bring standard presentations to life, using simple drag-and-drop capabilities to add video, polling, gamification, inline response opportunities, and more.

Engage every constituent.

Look, our lives are busy: school, work, activities, and hobbies of all sorts. It’s easy to miss out on a town hall meeting, particularly when it doesn’t fit into your schedule. EchoVideo’s capabilities include Automatic Speech Recognition, a feature that creates editable, searchable transcripts convertible to closed captioning. Anyone who misses the meeting can review the discussion, helping everyone keep up.

How we can help you:

Maximize Your online civic engagement.

Hosting a virtual town hall meeting isn’t a task for everyone, but Echo360 makes the process simple for anyone. Trusted by organizations from small towns in Massachusetts to the FBI Civil Rights Unit, Echo360 makes online civic engagement easy for everyone to access. Community engagement is key to successful governing, so give the participants who dedicate their time to attending online town hall meetings the very best content you can. Contact us for more information.