LMS Integrations

You don’t have to start over to enjoy the power of the Echosystem.

Echo360 seamlessly integrates with the most popular Learning Management Systems like Sakai, D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, and Google Classroom so you can spend less time coordinating and more time inspiring.  

Enhance your current tech stack without even touching it.

Because there are so many different LMS solutions and other classroom technologies in schools, Echo360 seamlessly integrates with the majority of them.  Simple, intuitive course creation with EchoAuthor tools seamlessly interface with your LMS. EchoEngage tools like PointSolutions drop Powerpoints, video, polls, and more into your LMS courses in clicks. 

Teach better with better video.

EchoVideo’s features make creating and importing videos into courses a one-click process. Echo360 capabilities include Automatic Speech Recognition to make a transcript of any video, with the transcript creating closed-captions and a searchable, editable index. 

Focus on your students, not your exams.

Compiling exams for your students takes up valuable time that you could be using elsewhere. EchoExam solutions like EchoExam make test creation simple, with a test generator that integrates your own or pulls in questions from standards-based test banks. Import for write your own, then push a button to make unique versions for each student. 

Student Performance: What Matters Most?

According to the Center for American Progress, there are three components of testing that matter most when it comes to good assessments:

  • Validity: How accurately does a test measure the skills it needs to measure? Tests should be spot-on when it comes to content in order to give teachers the data they need to provide classes with appropriate support and instruction.
  • Comparability: Test scores should be comparable regardless of where or when the assessment takes place. In other words, hybrid, in-person, and remote learners should perform similarly.
  • Reliability: Reliability shows how consistently the test evaluates the knowledge and skills it should cover. Test scores should be consistent across different testing sessions, test editions, and scoring methods.

EchoExam incorporates all three elements to provide students with an equitable, effective, and accurate way to test.  We make it easy to give your students the best testing experience available, no matter which LMS your school uses.

Reach students with the tools they prefer.

Echo360 is committed to inspired learning experiences for your learners and you. Our aim is to make integrating cool courses, excellent exams, precise polling, and amazing video easy. Whether you use Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology, or another LMS, we’re prepared to integrate fun and effective elements that fit seamlessly into your courses. Contact us for more information.