Solutions to transform passive experiences into inspiring exchanges.

The leader at capturing and keeping attention by integrating sophisticated social learning approaches and response tools to increase engagement 7x. Only Echo360 gives you so many ways to transform audience engagement into inspired learning.

Engage learners anywhere, every way.

Your students or employees may not be in the same place at the same time, making equitable learning, engagement, and outcomes a challenge.  That’s why Echo360’s industry leading live and asynchronous instructional tools in EchoEngage connect audiences to your content via mobile, web or clickers, through both web and desktop applications.

Live Lessons

Echo360 is the leader at grabbing learner attention–and keeping it–by integrating sophisticated social learning approaches and learner response tools to increase engagement 7x. Only Echo360 gives you so many ways to optimize engagement and learning–before, during and after a class or session.


Easy for all. Enable instructors to administer tests, quizzes, or surveys to learners – and learners to work through questions at their own pace.

Bring PowerPoint presentations to life.

If your course content is already in PowerPoint, there’s no need to recreate it with EchoEngage.  Add interactivity to your existing presentations and create engaging experiences with the click of a button. Create, present, and collect results online with our industry-leading PowerPoint integration and EchoPoll+ companion app. That means no time spent recreating presentations, and more time focused on connecting with learners.


The interactive whiteboard feature in EchoPoll is just one of the many tools built-in to animate learner engagement.  When paired virtual classroom chat, videos, and competitions, you can create a truly interactive, inspired learning experience for everyone, anywhere. 

Inspire learning at their own pace.

Schedule assignments for your learners to complete at their own pace, and tailor start and end times for availability. With best-in-class flexibility, you can assign activities to individual learners, the course roster, or the entire organization.

Learners everywhere? Track them anywhere.

Ensure presence and engagement by choosing a specific check-in location, or designating a radius within which learners must participate. Take attendance multiple times as needed per gathering to ensure learners remain present throughout the session.

Keep data in sync with your LMS.

EchoEngage solutions sync with the most popular LMS platforms, in education, making it easy to track the learning progress of individuals or the class or group as a whole. View individuals, questions, or cumulative scores for each participant over time. Sync scores and attendance to your LMS for quick reporting.

Learners going mobile? Go with them.

EchoEngage solutions optimize the learning experience for the small-screen, making it easy for learners to engage inside or outside their physical learning environment. Toggle between video feeds and class presentations so learners can connect, no matter where they are or what device they use.

Respond in real time.

Create polls on the fly with EchoEngage “Anywhere Polling” to measure learner engagement and understanding in the moment. Access all results in your account online, providing information on where learners need additional help or support.

Variety is the spice of inspired learning life.

Utilize an array of EchoEngage slide types to keep interest and engagement high. Choose from presentation, multiple choice, multiple select, true/false, short answer, hotspot, numeric, and more.

Unleash the power (and fun!) of competition.

Gamification can be an effective approach to stimulate individual and group learning engagement. Challenge your learners by inserting them into different scenarios with teams and wagers. 

Ensure anonymity to increase security and engagement.

Some learners are nervous to speak up in front of a crowd or to share things they don’t understand. Even the playing field and increase participation by taking the peer pressure out of the equation and encouraging more interaction. Let learners respond anonymously for the entire session or on a question-by-question basis.

Asynchronous Toolsets

Explore our suite of asynchronous interactive learning tools, perfect for both blended and virtual learning environments. When teaching can’t occur in the same place or at the same time, we can support and enhance the learning experience.

Manage and share content with a click.

Managing and organizing your content is easy with EchoEngage. Share content from your personal library – with individuals, groups, or an entire class. Digital materials are organized, filtered, and shared as desired, enabling re-usability and collaboration.

K-6 Solutions.

Meet the needs of younger students with solutions that are age-appropriate and engaging for all learners. K-6 learners who often lack the technical resources made available to older students will benefit from our inclusive and accessible solutions like clickers, handheld interactive whiteboards, and accessible cards.

Increase control with closed-circuit devices.

EchoEngage handheld devices offer closed-circuit security and control in the classroom or training space, with the same functionality you get in the cloud. 

Best-in-class solutions powered by Echo360.

Instructors, administrators, and learners everywhere can now experience the most comprehensive suite of learning engagement, assessment, and authoring solutions

EchoPollTM is the latest innovation in learning engagement from the company that defined educational polling over 20 years ago, with all of the live and assignment-based polling capabilities and reporting you need to create remarkable individual or team engagement.

PointSolutions amplifies interactive learning for millions of learners around the world through live polling, competitions, and audience response innovations for in-person, remote, or hybrid environments.

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Knowbly helps you create elegant, interactive learning content with customizable templates, interactive video and image editing, and flexible course outputs and learning objects (HTML5, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or xAPI). 

With over 15,000 approved assessment questions, EchoExam is the most widely used test generator for education and business for more reasons than one.

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Our WorkSpace software provides the opportunity to control, annotate and interact with instructional materials in multiple formats, including web resources and publisher content.

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MobiView is our proprietary handheld interactive whiteboard that lets instructors deliver and control content from anywhere in the room with a simple MultiHub receiver.

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