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Echo360 enables inspired learning across industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality, and everything in between.

Effective training, onboarding, and employee engagement set a foundation for business growth.  Echo360 is proud to partner with small businesses and large corporations alike, across these industries and more, on creating inspired learning experiences that grow individual capacity and organizational culture.  

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering employees come to the job with a lot of education already. Still, it’s necessary to acclimate them to your organization with top-notch onboarding and safety compliance training. With EchoAuthor solutions like Knowbly, you’ll create customized content to welcome new employees, train them on OSHA guidelines, and immerse them in your company’s culture quickly.


Continuing medical education (CME) improves patient care by providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with evidence-based training on advances in medicine, new medical technology, and biomedical research. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll and EchoVideo’s video management toolset, you’ll deliver engaging training modules with interactive elements like polling, quizzes, and live breakout room features.


The hospitality industry is central to workers in just about every other industry as it is ubiquitous for anybody who travels, vacations, or spends leisure time interacting with others. Make hospitality training more evaluative and engaging by leveraging the power of Echosystem solutions like EchoExam and PointSolutions.


Continuing legal education (CLE) is essential for lawyers and teaches a set of leadership, negotiation, and persuasion skills to increase sway with clients and colleagues, building a more successful and rewarding law practice. The legal industry benefits from Echo360’s leading-edge course creation tools like Knowbly, live interactivity with clickers and mobile devices with PointSolutions, anonymous responses for sensitive topics, secure and reliable data storage, and exceptional customer support and training.


Jobs in manufacturing are more technically demanding and specialized than ever before. The ongoing evolution of this industry brings unique challenges for employee onboarding. Echo360’s range of Echosystem solutions benefits our manufacturing customers with synchronous and asynchronous group-based and individual training. 


The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are constantly changing. Keeping track of updates and staying ahead of the competition is challenging. Every employee needs ongoing training for long-term business and professional success. Pharma companies utilize Echosystem video solutions and tools like Knowbly and PointSolutions to deliver safety training, sales training, FDA compliance training, bioprocess training, and more. Companies appreciate the ease of use and real-time reporting and analytics built to improve employees’ day-to-day productivity and long-term career prospects.

Joint Apprentice Training Centers (JATC)

Echo360 helps drive operational excellence by making every employee the best employee, which in turn increases yield and overall productivity. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, you’ll train teams and individuals online and offline, collecting electronic documentation and reporting so you’re ready for safety inspection.

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