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drive higher engagement and outcomes.

Captivate your students with learning engagement tools across the Echo360 Echosystem.

Research by the CCSSE and others concludes that student engagement consistently and positively correlates with academic performance, persistence, and degree completion. 

Enabling inspiration and access to students, wherever they are.

Echo360 delivers an innovative model for engaged learning in the post-Covid age.  We offer coherent and compelling learner-centered experiences regardless of place and time, so all learners have the opportunities to learn.

Inspiring student connections.

Collaboration is both a cause and effect of quality student engagement. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, classroom and remote learners work together while having fun. Our virtual whiteboard and live lecture capture tools ensure that every student has a front-row seat to lessons. One-on-one breakout rooms drive students to share ideas.  Native video chat helps students communicate naturally and feel connected with their peers.

Search in a snap.

Nobody likes scouring through video clips for a specific bit or byte of information.  EchoVideo’s ASR technology transcribes your content, integrates closed captioning, and the ability to search for the use of specific terms in a video without doing a thing. Tag important moments from previous lessons and provide your most engaging moments to future classes.

Correct and catch confusion early.

Echo360 tools allow for dynamic direct and anonymized feedback from your learners allowing instructors to build rapport and intervene at the earliest signs of comprehension confusion.  Our EchoVideo and EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll allow students to send confusion alerts to ask for private help. Live metrics show how the class – and everybody in it – is doing. 

Command the room; in-house and virtually.

EchoAuthor solutions like Knowbly deliver a complete suite of multimedia authoring tools, and EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll animate the experience wherever it happens. Images, video, audio, polling, and more command everyone’s attention, wherever they are. 

Why Is Student Engagement Important?

Engaged students are 2.5 times more likely to say they do well in school.
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of students in the top quartile of engagement met grade-appropriate benchmarks in all subjects compared to just 49.77% in the bottom quartile.
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Unfortunately, student engagement decreases as students get older. Only half of adolescents report feeling engaged at school while 20% are actively disengaged.
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Make testing easier and more efficient.

 EchoExam solutions like EchoExam make it easier to create and administer tests so you can spend ore time connecting, not constructing.  Mix up tests for each student with the click of a button, and keep track of records in one place with LMS integrations.

Elevate your student engagement.

Student engagement is a prerequisite for positive academic outcomes. Echo360’s commitment to equity, engagement, and evidence is just what you need to give everyone, everywhere the best learning experience possible. Contact us for a demo!