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k-12 engagement

Inspired learning solutions for the traditional, virtual, and hybrid classroom. 

Echo360 solutions clear the path for learners at all levels through equity, engagement, and evidence. We provide incomparable tools for everyone using remote or hybrid learning. 

Active Learning

Better learning requires better flexibility.

In the Echosystem, we meet learners where they are. EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll support in-person classes, remote instruction, and hybrid models. Remote learners attend scheduled classes in the virtual classroom to interact with their peers. Asynchronous students watch EchoVideo learning sessions on-demand. Everyone learns, however they need.

Students share with each other and you.

EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll feature virtual classroom features forums, video chat, and virtual breakout rooms. Whether in-person or virtual, it’s the same type of group work that teachers have relied on for decades, with more flexibility. 

Creating and sharing content has never been easier.

EchoAuthor solutions like Knowbly boast an intuitive interface that make it a top-ranked authoring tool. Teachers can add and edit videos and polling in their presentations with just a few clicks. PowerPoint integrates seamlessly. Inline quizzes promote engagement while providing real-time evidence of student understanding. EchoVideo has powerful automatic speech recognition technology to caption video content and generate transcripts for multimodal learning.

Metrics ensure effectiveness

All Echosystem solutions track data for individuals, groups, and classes. providing the segmentation stakeholders need to make decisions backed by analytics. Teachers can pinpoint critical gaps and give focused efforts to fill them. Meanwhile, stakeholders get proof of instructor and learner efforts.

Should Technology Be Used in the Classroom?

of elementary school students, 64% of middle school students, and 63% of high school students already use digital learning tools daily.
0 %
of K-12 teachers believed that digital learning tools helped engage students before the pandemic.
0 %
of parents were at least somewhat concerned about their K-12 students falling behind due to remote learning during the pandemic against just 56% whose students continued attending in-person classes.
0 %

Game the system.

Everybody likes games, so why not transform school into a game they can play with their friends? EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll and PointSolutions include wagering and leaderboards to promote student engagement. Reward them for building a stronger understanding of academic concepts, and motivate them to keep going.

Know how every student feels.

In the Echosystem, teachers get real-time, anonymous feedback from students in every solution. Confusion alerts allow students to ask their instructors for help privately. Real-time engagement scores make assigning participation grades a snap. The use of response technology can increase the number of students earning A’s from 23% to 40%.

Assessment on an equitable playing field.

EchoExam’s EchoExam offers thousands of pre-written questions aligned to federal Common Core standards. You can also  write, keep, and catalog your own questions. There’s a question randomizer that generates up to 26 different versions of an exam, too. We make sure that all test-takers have an equal opportunity to prove what they know.

Don't replace what's working; make it better.

Supplement, not supplant, existing expenditures on e-learning to boost your academic ROI. EchoEngage solutions include popular learning tools like MOBI, Insight360, CPS Pulse, ResponseCards, and Workspace. Instructors can keep using what they know and trust. Echo360 also integrates directly with popular LMS solutions like Blackboard, Canvas, and Google Classroom.  Instructors can import engaging Echo360-produced content right into their classes.

Take the next step for your students.

Online learning has been an adjustment for K-12 students and teachers. That doesn’t mean that you can’t turn it into an advantage. Reach out now to learn more about how Echo360 drives a better classroom experience for everyone, anywhere.