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Remote & Hybrid Work

Echo360 turns remote and hybrid work into an upgrade of your company’s productivity and morale.

Our powerful collaboration and remote work tools engage teams and feed real-time analytics to management so everyone, everywhere is performing at peak level.

A strong team, anywhere.

With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, it’s easy to build a competitive advantage with united remote and hybrid teams. Schedule live classes with collaboration tools like virtual whiteboards and video chat. Team members get face-to-face time, breakout rooms to dive into concepts in small groups, and the chance to speak up and contribute at any time. 

First impressions count.

New hires decide what they think of your company quickly, so make their first experience a positive one. With EchoAuthor’s Knowbly, an easy drag-and-drop interface simplifies creating and integrating all content types including images, videos, and templates. And EchoVideo solutions help  acclimate and build trust with employees in remote or on-site locations. 

Build better relationships.

Interpersonal relationships are a driving force in cohesive workplaces, even remotely.  Use EchoEngage solutions to create virtual breakouts to match new hires with experienced mentors to learn from their expertise. Leverage Echo360 lecture capture capabilities so everyone on the team has access to training and mentor insights whenever they need it. Communication tools like threaded message boards allow co-workers to share ideas even if they work different hours.

Make Hybrid Work for You

of workers prefer a hybrid working environment, reducing employee turnover.
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of respondents to a PwC survey said that their organizations performed better against productivity targets after shifting to hybrid work.
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of high-revenue growth companies are embracing hybrid workforce models, while 69% of companies with negative or no growth prefer all-remote or in-office employees.
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Reduce administration time and effort.

Empowering employees to realize their potential is one of the biggest benefits of a hybrid work environment. Until now, keeping track of everyone’s progress was a challenge. EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll track attendance, and keeps track of who completed what courses and when.  Intuitive dashboards show individual and team progress. And with EchoVideo’s flagship Echo360 platform, simply tag key details in video presentations to make sure everyone sees them.

Equal access means a better workforce.

The Echosystem meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines. That means all workers enjoy full access to your training. With EchoVideo, ASR technology captions all video content, making it more accessible. EchoExam helps you create as many as 26 versions of exams to ensure fair assessment and career advancement opportunities.

Work from anywhere, in any way.

Remote workers want to work where they feel most comfortable. Many prefer alternatives to the traditional office environment. All Echosystem solutions are accessible on most mobile devices, and have synchronous and asynchronous capabilities. Give your team the power to tackle projects whenever and wherever it makes sense for them.

Empower your team for success.

Millennials and Gen-Z employees prefer more collaborative working environments and self-directed upskilling programs. With EchoEngage solutions, your learners choose from available courses relevant to their goals. They can take courses that interest them and follow their own path up the corporate ladder.

How we can help:

Your remote team can be your best team.

Moving to a hybrid work environment is a big leap. It’s also necessary if your company wants to compete for top talent in the labor market. Echo360 is your complete solution. Get the communication tools, accessibility features, reporting, and flexibility you’re looking for. Contact us today for more info.