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Reporting & Analytics

Metrics that lead to results for students and instructors.

Meaningless metrics don’t matter.  You need data to drive actions and outcomes, which is why real-time reporting and analytics are integral to the Echosystem. 

Real details and insights.

Throughout the Echosystem, every course you create shows performance and engagement results at the individual, class, and assignment level. You’ll know how everyone is doing and how well the course is working. Identify those who need extra support, and know when it’s time to revise lessons and assignments for greater clarity.

Real-time feedback puts the power in your hands.

Feedback is one of the most important elements of student success, so EchoEngage solutions tell you what’s engaging and what’s not working in the moment, not later. You’ll gain analytical insights with real-time metrics to make fast decisions. EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll and PointSolutions are  especially great for hybrid and remote classes when students aren’t all in the same place. Students can use a cell phone, a clicker, or their computer to answer quizzes and give feedback immediately.

K-12 education is better when it's data-driven.

Detailed student feedback and progress is especially critical in K-12, when students build a foundation for their futures. Every part of the Echosystem provides you with student-specific metrics, making it simple to track each student’s progress in the moment and long-term with EchoExam solutions like EchoExam.

How to use student data to improve classroom instruction.

According to Resilient Educator, there are several ways that student data can improve your instruction techniques:

  • Use standardized tests to gauge overall learning
  • Results from standardized testing can also help identify knowledge gaps
  • Individualized assessments can reveal each student’s needs
  • Summative assessments can catch learning roadblocks
  • Formative assessments provide feedback on lesson plans

A better future for K-12 education.

On its own, data can’t solve educational problems, but it’s critical to student success. Echo360 is dedicated to elevating the data you get from your students. With opportunities to assess your students’ needs, group them according to their strengths and weaknesses, and design lessons that help students improve, you can build more efficient, effective lesson plans. Are you curious to learn more about how Echo360’s detailed metrics can help your students? Contact us for more info.