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Military TRAINING,

Echo360 delivers inspired online military training for military bases, schools, and agencies across the U.S.A.

When training integrity and engagement is critical, the U.S. Department of Defense trusts Echo360. So does the Norfolk Naval Yard, U.S. Navy Chaplaincy School, and the Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic. Dozens of military bases across the U.S.A. also trust Echo360 to inspire learning among the ranks. 

Assessments warranting attention.

When learners complete your upgraded training, you’ll know right away if they make the grade. EchoExam’s EchoExam is a standard-bearing test creator, making it easy for you to compile better, more comprehensive tests. EchoExam gives you multiple options when it comes to question types, test formatting, and more. You can even have several versions of the same test.

Online military training builds a united front.

One of the most important aspects of training is accessibility, and Echosystem solutions are built for this. WCAG 2.0-compliant EchoVideo makes online military training available to everyone. EchoVideo’s Automatic Voice Recognition feature creates transcripts, makes closed-captioning possible, and even indexes videos. Your learners can jump straight to the key sections when they need a quick answer.

What They Say

Nearly half of respondents indicated that their unit or organization places a high or very high priority on leader development.
0 %
of leaders believe that their course improved their leadership capabilities

Assemblies of all kinds.

It’s not always possible to get everyone in the same room for training. EchoVideo’s flagship Echo360 platform makes it simple to connect with everyone through the power of video, no matter where they may be. Town hall-style events and online group meetings give attendees the chance to get clarification and add their voice to the conversation.

How we can help you:

Venture forth.

Your learners deserve inspiring, motivating content. Join the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Sheppard Air Force Base, U.S. Army SHARP, U.S. Navy Center for Service Support, Marine Corps University, and others. Echo360 provides you with the tools to make your online military training all that it can be.