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Inspired Employee Training

Echo360 solutions can enable training for a safe, engaged, and productive workforce.

Every employee needs to understand their evolving role and responsibilities. At the same time, today’s workers need opportunities to advance their careers to stay engaged and motivated. Employees at all levels benefit from Echo360’s interactive and engaging training solutions. 

Make online training an advantage.

You need the right tools to build strong teams. And when your employees are everywhere, you need to train them from anywhere.  Tap into EchoVideo solutions to create, edit, and deliver video, get analytics, and implement tools to engage your employees. If you want it to be easy to administer, it better be easy to organize your content as well. Our solutions in the Echosystem help organize your content through libraries and collections. 

What Do They Say?

of employees want training available anywhere and anytime they need to do their job.
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of workers believe regular and frequent training is more important than formal workplace training.
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of employers agree it’s beneficial to switch to mobile-based training.
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Leadership development training in the hybrid environment.

Customers like Intermountain Healthcare use Echo360 for a personalized approach to leadership training and character development. Employee leadership training, both synchronously and asynchronously, serves the needs of the users and the organization simultaneously.

Staying on top of certifications.

Companies in insurance, medical, and other industries require employees to maintain certifications. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll and EchoVideo’s flagship Echo360 platform, you’ll provide employees with straightforward, easy-to-take courses wherever they are. Simple drag-and-drop features and indexable video means faster content creation and consumption, which frees up time for everyone.

Create engaging corporate training programs.

With EchoAuthor’s Knowbly, courses created for online or in-person training are vibrant. And Echo360’s multimedia and live discussion features turn mundane tasks into engaged experiences. Thanks to live response technologies across the EchoEngage toolset like EchoPoll and Point Solutions, you can assess the effectiveness of your training modules and adjust them as necessary.

Compliance can be engaging, too.

Employees need compliance training for a variety of reasons. It may be dictated by union agreements or industry regulations. It’s often critical to the safety of employees and consumers, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or dour. EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll and EchoExam’s EchoExam can track training progress and provide clear proof of completion. Deliver required training and prove retention of the essential principles from the Echosystem.

Why employee compliance counts.

Non-compliance is expensive, but staying compliant is often challenging. The average annual cost for companies that experience non-compliance issues is about $14.82 million. Still, only 12% of companies nationwide have an advanced compliance and ethics training program. The Echosystem makes compliance training easier and more engaging.

Empower your team for success.

Millennials and Gen-Z employees prefer more collaborative working environments and self-directed upskilling programs. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, your learners choose from available courses relevant to their goals. They can take courses that interest them and follow their own path up the corporate ladder.

Creating a learning culture.

Businesses that encourage a strong learning culture enjoy higher employee engagement and retention rates. It’s around 30-50%  higher than those that don’t. With EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, you put learning in the hands of each employee. Whether your employees are seeking nurse training and education, resident training, or another kind of certification, engaged employees in the trenches make it happen with the right training using the Echosystem.

Reskilling your workforce

Continuing education and opportunities to advance within the workplace attract the best employees. Offering career training and development would keep 86% of millennials from leaving their current position. Putting time and energy into continuous learning improves job satisfaction and employee retention. With EchoAuthor’s Knowbly, you can create customized training programs empower employees to follow their optimal career path.

How we can help:

Make training your secret advantage.

Employee training is critical for success, but you need the right tools and information. From compliance and certification training to upskilling and developing leadership from within, Echo360 delivers training and insight your company needs. Contact us today to see how the Echosystem can be a game-changer for your business.