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Hybrid Learning

Echo360 inspires interactive, impactful learning experiences for any learning environment. 

When given the tools they need, instructors find that hybrid learning improves academic ability by up to 60%.  Educational institutions around the world are upgrading to Echo360’s intuitive spectrum of hybrid learning solutions that unleash the potential of hybrid learning. 

Course creation & collaboration.

Presenting students with static slides loses their attention — fast. EchoAuthor solutions like Knowbly create presentations that grab student attention and keep it, and EchoPoll has a simple drag-and-drop interface for creating impactful, interesting course material easily.

Libraries galore.

The Echosystem accommodates an extraordinary amount of self-created and imported content, including videos, templates, or test banks from partnering publishers of EchoExam. Every component lives in a library, making lesson creation more efficient. Each solution in the Echosystem is thoughtfully designed to give instructors options when it comes to their resources. 

Video that delivers more than something to look at.

EchoVideo’s flagship Echo360 video management system makes delivering live and prerecorded video simpler. Its easy-to-use interface makes setting up live lectures or discussion groups a breeze. When it comes to prerecorded lessons, users enjoy push-button access to their library of content.

Polling, anywhere.

It’s easy to call for a show of hands when everyone’s in the same room; less so when your students are learning remotely. EchoEngage tools like EchoPoll make dynamic exchanges simple for everyone. Your students can use their cell phone, a clicker, or their computer to have a say instantly. In the Echosystem, it’s easier for you to know where every student stands.

Hybrid Learning: By the Numbers

of teachers say that hybrid learning increases engagement
0 %
of teachers report that hybrid learning improves academic ability
0 %
eLearning can help students to retain between 25% and 60% more information
25 %

Stronger, more accurate testing.

Testing can be a real pain point for instructors, with time spent generating tests better spent working with students. EchoExam solutions like EchoExam help you create custom test content or access standards-based questions to create exams with ease.  There’s no need to worry about any unfair remote or in-class advantages, either; EchoExam creates over two dozen different versions of the same test with the push of a button.

Data that drives educational paths.

Every solution in the Echosystem provides data to help measure progress. We make it simple for you to track each student’s comprehension, in real-time with EchoEngage solutions like EchoPoll, or over time with EchoExam’s EchoExam. 

Equitable access sets hybrid learning apart.

Accessibility is paramount in education, and the hybrid model can actually creates more advantages than challenges. In-person courses facilitate immediate feedback, but the beauty of lecture capture is that nobody is left out. With our EchoVideo solutions, a traditional lecture (or any other type of video) becomes an indexed, closed-captioned, searchable recording accessible anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid learning is the present and future of education.

In the Echosystem, educators have a better way to teach, evaluate, share, and connect with their students. Hybrid learning can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be. Echo360 leads the pack in creating stronger, more effective classrooms. It doesn’t matter if they’re traditional, flipped, flexible, or virtual. Contact us to find out more.