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Onboarding Solutions

With Echo360, new hire onboarding is an inspired learning experience from wherever it takes place. 


It’s critical to give new hires training that grabs their attention and, most importantly, sets them up for success. Studies show that effective onboarding increases employee retention by up to 69% and boosts new-hire productivity by 58%. That’s why companies like Disney Cruise Line trust Echo360 to power exciting, interactive onboarding with our flexible, accessible learning solutions. 

Engage New Hires Quickly.

Get your new employees off on the right foot with interactive, dynamic training. Using EchoAuthor’s Knowbly, you’ll create spectacular content for both synchronous and asynchronous onboarding. The Echosystem’s capabilities make learning equitable for both remote and in-person trainees. They’ll watch videos and live streams with EchoVideo solutions, engage in discussions, answer instant polls and quizzes via clicker or mobile device, and more.

Create Compelling Content With Ease.

Echo360 solutions are truly admin-friendly. Content management systems across the Echosystem make it easy to stay organized while you build inspiring, engaging courses. Create onboarding content customizable to specific roles – or even specific employees – with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Personalized onboarding gets your employees producing faster from day one.

Employee Onboarding Anywhere.

Flexibility is key to successful onboarding. The Echosystem solutions like EchoPoll, EchoExam, Knowbly, and the Echo360 video platform integrate seamlessly integrates with LMS solutions, PowerPoint integrations, and more. Whether in-person or remote, online or off, new hires will enjoy the Echosystem’s mobile capabilities that make learning portable so new employees can complete their onboarding wherever they want.

Video Capabilities That Exceed Your Needs.

Organizations everywhere are taking advantage of video onboarding, with a whopping 75% of employees preferring training videos to documents. EchoVideo’s proven tools make live streams, lecture capture, and integrating videos into courses a snap. Our authoring tools lead the pack in facilitating engaging active learning experiences.

Make Your Onboarding Count

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Increase Employee Retention

A top-notch onboarding experience is only the first step in a new hire’s journey. 42% of employees say learning and development is the most important benefit when choosing where to work, which makes continuing education critical for retention. Engaged employees stick around longer, drive profitability, and reduce costly turnover. Using detailed metrics, we uncover targeted educational opportunities so you and your employees reach your full potential — together.

Why Employee Onboarding Matters

  • Talent scarcity and high turnover are among the biggest challenges organizations will face in 2022.
  • The average cost of onboarding a single employee averages $4100.
  • One out of five employees felt confused during the onboarding process.
  • Losing an employee is estimated to cost a company up to twice the employee’s salary.
  • Leveraging advanced learning tools to enable success on-demand makes companies 300% more satisfied than those using lower-performing technology.
  • Almost three-quarters of employees who had exceptional onboarding experiences say they have “the best possible job”.

Accessible Online Onboarding

Echo360’s WCAG-compliant solutions ensure onboarding is accessible to everyone, everywhere. We overcome barriers with breakthrough solutions like Automatic Speech Recognition, an effortless way to deliver searchable transcripts and closed captioning. EchoVideo elevates and transforms the visual experience, optimizing it for each learner.

How can we help you?

You've Hired the best people. Now give them the best onboarding.

Echo360 makes delivering engaging onboarding and training to your new hires easier, faster, and more effective. Give your new hires a compelling onboarding experience that makes them excited to be part of the team. Contact us for more info.